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WPRocket Review: The Best Performance Optimization Plugin

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June 24, 2020

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WPRocket is a WordPress performance optimization plugin that helps you seriously speed up the loading time of your website. It makes some very complicated things that would take hours to do manually as simple as checking off a button. The back end design is extremely simple and easy to understand, it offers education on what it enables you to do, and is consistently updated with new features. While it identifies itself as a caching plugin, it is much more than that period it allows you to minify files, pre load fonts, and optimize images.

This is one of our favorite WordPress plugins, and we will be reviewing it in the video below.

Video Walkthrough, Features & Review

In Depth Thoughts On WPRocket

In this article we are going to give you a walkthrough and quick review of WordPress rocket or WPRocket, which is a performance plugin that makes your WordPress website load faster.

WPRocket a caching plug-in, but it's also an optimization and performance plugin, because it really offers a ton of individual features and functionalities all packaged into one individual, plugin and I'll run through that in a later section of this video. So, as you can see, over a million sites use this plug-in and it is just a great plugin all-around.

WPRocket Features

  • page caching
  • cache pre-loading
  • static files
  • Image Compression on request
  • developer friendly

It this WPRocket Review, we are going to show you this in a few seconds. The backend interface of this plugin is super easy to understand, simple, to use and really, it's just as they say, get a faster website in a few clicks. It's a it's a very easy to use, well-designed plugin.

WPRocket Plugin Pricing

Let’s go over the pricing and then to the backend:

  • $49 for one website
  • $99 for three websites
  • $249 for Unlimited Websites

If we look at all those feature this plugin provides, it's well worth it because it offers a lot of features. To fulfil the same requirements without WPRocket, you would have to purchase multiple plug-ins, which would probably total around 200 bucks. You're getting this for $49, where other people might have to spend $ 200. If they do not know about this. Most of the People go with multiple plugins for page caching, Image Compression and CDN etc, this single plugin covers it all.

How to Properly Setup WPRocket Plugin

Let's review the backend WPRocket caching plug-in increases the performance of your WordPress website. Here is the dashboard basically points you in the direction of a couple resources like basic cache options, file optimization stuff like that.

This is on our plugin walkthroughs website, which is on a local host.

Caching Feature:

You can turn your caching on. You can turn your caching off. Caching increases the performance of your website by generating static files of individual pages and posts, which makes the website load faster for visitors. Caching is pretty much an essential thing that everyone should have on every WordPress website, unless you have a specific reason not to use it. A cache that is properly optimized and installed will probably be the biggest positive impact on the performance of your website.

Once you click on Cache option, there are a couple options that you can turn on or off. When you install this plugin, the general cache is automatically installed and automatically pre-loaded.

File optimisation:

That is the main element of this website, but, as I said in the beginning, this website, this plugin incorporates a lot of individual features and functionalities into one package. So, for example, if you would want to do this somewhere else, you would have to get an

  • individual cache plug-in
  • individual file, optimisation plug-in
  • individual lazy load, plug-in
  • individual preload plugin….

I could go down the list, but you must get individual plugins for each of these, and the best plugins are always the paid ones. So, you would have to pay for each individual plug-in. if you were focused on the performance of your website and that would total to be a lot more than $49 per year.

When you click on file optimization file. You can find Multiple Options like
  • Minify HTML
  • Optimize Google Fonts
  • Minify CSS Files
  • Optimize CSS Delivery
  • Minify Javascript Files…etc.

Optimization allows you to take your files, optimize them, which means basically decrease the file size of them by combining them into one individual file. Optimizing it reducing the file size, which in turn reduces the amount of data that the website needs to load, which in turn reduces the page, speed and loading time of your website. So, you can minify HTML. What this does is it removes whitespace and comments to reduce the size. You can minify that on CSS and you can minify that on JavaScript as well. once you minify them, you can merge the individual, minified, CSS, JavaScript and HTML files into individual files.

So Let’s say you have 8 individual CSS files. This tool will take those 8 and will take the content on each of the files, make a new file paste the content from 8 of those individual files into that one new file and then only load one file and what that does. It reduces the amount of HTTP requests, which means that your website is going to load faster because it is not making eight individual requests. It’s making one request: you can do this with CSS, and you can do this with JavaScript, and you can also optimize the delivery stuff.

Doing all those things manually would take hours for some big site’s days doing this. With this plug-in takes literally one click. There now you go all the files are optimized and it won't happen instantly because it needs to actually go through the website and run what I just discussed. But it is automatic, you don't need to think about it. All you need to do is check things off.

Things to Take care of Before Making any Major Changes:

Something to note is that sometimes there are files that cannot be merged and minified, so you can exclude that here. You need to always test the website after incorporating these changes because it might break the front-end loading of the website or front-end styling of the website, so always make sure that when you're incorporating these things, you should always just focus and make sure that if it breaks Your website. you need to troubleshoot, what is happening and then undo it as you can see it's. It warns you right here so file optimisation.

Media Optimization Feature:

Now we are up to media WordPress rocket, allows you to easily lazy load, iframes videos, images, disabled emojis, disabled embeds and enable web P. Caching, all these things increase the performance of your website.

When you click on Media. You can find Multiple Options like

  • Lazy Loads
  • Emoji
  • Embeds
  • Webp Compatibility

All these things are included in the plugin, and all of these things are automatic. You can preload your cache and what that basically does. It generates the cache starting with the home page links and then starting from those home page links and then going out to all of the pages on their website following the sitemap. This is automatically triggered when you change your update content and it automatically will basically generate your cache and additional files that help the website load faster. You can prefetch DNS requests, so you can add in individual URLs. Here you can preload fonts here. So you can add your font files here stuff like that there are advanced rules, so you can never cache individual pages.

Let’s say you have a members-only page where their contents consistently changing. You can add that here and excluded, this is a regex expression, you can use stuff like that for better performance. You can also add cookies to number cache user agents to never cache. So, this example right here you will, never cache your website on the mobile version of Safari. You can always purge; you can cache query strings. We recommend that because, obviously these are advanced rules. Unless you understand what, you're doing don't do advanced rules, you can optimize the database by removing revisions, auto drafts and trash posts. You can also remove spam comments and trash comments and you can clean up transients what that does. It helps your website load faster by removing bloat from your database and cleaning it up. Smaller database equals faster website.


You can easily install your CDN so by entering the CDN name here. It will change all of the URLs on the website from the base URL to the CDN URL, and then you can also exclude files from that.

You can control the WordPress heartbeat API heartbeat API is something that shows the health of your WordPress website and gives you email updates, but it takes a lot of server resources away from loading the website. So you can control it and minimize the activity which will help the website load faster, additional add-ons that you can have our Google tracking Facebook picture, varnish and Cloudflare cloud fighter is a good thing, because a lot of people use Cloudflare. So, with this add-on, you can enter a zone ID, you can enter your API key and then it will automatically integrate with your website. Varnish caching is included on some WordPress website hosts. If you have that it's a server-side cache, so it helps your website load a lot faster.

Addon Plugins:

Google, tracking and Facebook pixel both of these individual plugins or add-ons, are very easy to use. You just need to paste specific sets of code into them. You can incorporate this using additional plugins and code snippets, but they are included here. It’s an easy and good thing to use and you'll also see WordPress rocket will host the Google scripts and locally to help leverage browser caching, which helps satisfy the Page Speed recommendation for it and then it'll help with Facebook pixels as well, under image. Optimization WordPress rocket and image if I are two individual plugins but they're, created by the same development team, so WordPress rocky plays nice with image. If I image, if I helps compress and convert your photos and media assets to WebP and stuff like that, so it plays nice, it works well, and we really like image. It’s very simple and easy to use, you can export import settings and you can roll back to old versions of the caching plug-in.

You can also access a lot of tutorials. There are a lot of YouTube videos. There are a lot of resources on the website. If you run over to documentation a lot of documentation articles, they also have a blog where they discuss how you can increase the performance of your website.


WPRocket plug-in allows you to optimize your website for speed. It’s a caching plug-in that comes with a ton of additional performance, optimization features for $ 49 per year. You will increase the performance of your website, noticeably.

There's a money-back guarantee, so you can test it out and see if it actually increases the page, speed and performance of your website and then you can go ahead and really make a decision from there. They have a 14-day refund policy. So, if you're looking for a plugin, that will really increase the performance of your website, but allow you to do it as we explained in this article. It's just a simple track box for a very complicated process, take a look at WordPress rocket. It really speeds at the website. It is a simple and easy to use back-end, and it does complicated things. It makes it easy and really that is the hallmark of any good product.

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