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Password Protect WordPress (PWPP) Review: perfect for all things password related

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June 29, 2020

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With this plugin you can password protect unlimited WordPress pages and posts, and when we refer to posts and pages, it's really any content that you can think of: custom posts, normal posts, pages and other individual WooCommerce products really anything that is content on your WordPress website.

You can password protect any pages, you can do multiple passwords for post, but you can also protect by user role. As an example, you could have an administrator who's logged in be able to access any content. They want compared to somebody who is not logged in who cannot access any content. They want compared to a customer who could perhaps access specific pages of the site without getting the password protection. We can do the same password for multiple pages.

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In Depth Thoughts On Password Protect WordPress

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In today’s WordPress Plugin Review article, we're going to take a look at password protect WordPress, which does exactly, as the name suggests. It offers you password protection on your WordPress website.

Password Protect WP is a very interesting plug-in in that the base version of WordPress has password protection for individual posts, and this Plugin takes it a step further and adds a lot of features that could actually be very useful to somebody who is looking for a unique niche thing To fill.

Features of Password Protect WP Plugin

This Plugin comes with many Interesting features. Below is the list of Few of them.

  • Unlimited Page Protection
  • Part of Page or Post Content Protection
  • Blocking Googler to Index Specific Content
  • Quick Access Links
  • Master Password Setup Option
  • Can Integrate with all Major Page Builders
  • Password Auto Generation
  • Cookie Expiration Time Setup
  • And Many More…

Quick access links

This is an interesting feature. Imagine if you have a password protected page that you do not want the user to need to enter a password for or you are sending some email to. Somebody of a post that is password protected for convenience. You can create a quick access link. This feature is something unique that a lot on forums that people are requesting and there are a couple code workarounds that don't work very well for this. Without this Plugin, making quick link access is a very complicated. This plug-in removes that complication and makes it very easy to do these types of links.

Master Passcode

You can also partially protect content with short codes. You can have a master passcode; you can protect the entire website and there's just a lot of features here that you get access to again. This is a pretty neat plugin, but if you have the use for it, it could very well be worth it for you.

Restrict Pages:

Let us take a look at some use cases then we'll take a look at pricing, then the front end and then the back end of the plugin. The use cases for this plugin are pretty standard. If you need a password to protect something, then you can go ahead and use it, and this will give you a couple articles that say: here's what you could use this for. However, we expect that, if you're going to be purchasing this plug-in, you should probably have a use case beforehand and keep in mind that this is a pretty niche thing, but really the main thing we see using this for and we might actually use this in our Own agency is that you can, you can restrict things and then send out links to those restricted pages.

Bypass Protection with custom Links

As an example, case I have a proposal that I've made a custom blog post for a custom post type for and I'm going to Take that proposal and send it to somebody via email. I can easily do that by creating the post, protecting it be a password and then sending it to our client, and there are a couple other things here too, that you can see and if you have the use case for it, it would definitely work very well.

Password Protect WP Plugin Pricing

Keep in mind that this is a fairly expensive plugin, but for the features that come with it. If you have the specific use case in mind for this plug-in, this could be very helpful again. This is a very targeted plug-in to a specific group of people, but if you need all these features mentioned here this is worth for that price.

Password Protect WP Plugin Comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • $142.8 Personal Plan for 3 websites
  • $214.8 Business Plan for 10 websites
  • $226.8 Agency Plan for 15 websites

Let's hop on into the backend of the plug-in.

Once you Install the plugin in and show you the settings that you can access. Its almost all plain and simple process. We are going explain and just go through everything that you can do once you install this plugin.

Dashboard Options:

Once you login to your dashboard and click on Password Protect WordPress Section you will 6 Major Options.

  1. General
  2. Misc.
  3. Short codes
  4. Master Passwords
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. License

To protect specific post types Like if you want to protect all blog posts. You could do that by just adding all posts under general section from Post Type Protection Option.

Cookie Setup:

You can have an expert you log in there's a cookie that keeps you logged in for seven days. You could change that to days hours, minutes stuff, like that from Cookie Expiration time Setting under General settings section: you can whitelist roles password, protect the child pages. If their parent page is password protected, you can recursively add it to all child pages.

Private Page Protection:

You can also protect private pages. Then you can also change the actual visibility. This is specific for RSS feeds and google crawl bots. You can also customize the password form with customizer that has been built into WordPress you can find it under appearance, it's customized, that's where you'll find the customization stuff.

If you're using caching you'll need to update your caching configurations but there's a very, very well-written and well featured documentation that comes with this service and there are a lot of things that it will tell you easily how to do so. Caching requires some setup, but you can figure it out under miscellaneous. You can show an excerpt of the post and you can have a custom form action. When the password does not work, you could redirect somebody to another page.

Short codes:

You can find multiple options under short code sections. You can set up your short codes here, so partial content protection that takes all the settings that you have created in the general and then you can go ahead and do this. You can also have blocks so in Elementor, beaver builder and Guttenberg. You can use the individual block rather than the protected content.

You can have your master password set up for the entire website, and then you can also just password protect site wide your entire site. You can just tweak all these options to test how this could exactly works in different scenario’s in your case. To customizing back end. It gives you the option to customize this form and it gives you the option to customize the partial forms and stuff like that. You have a lot of individual things that you can change here. You can really customize the form to match everything that you need it to match. When we try to access the website from the front-end we get to our password page - and I you know, that's not the right password, but once you enter the password, you got logged in to the site. It’s just kind of like a login system. In that you will log in, but there is no user aspect of it unless you add in that user aspect of it.

As an example in our sample page and we have added a short code that says that that has the password protection, WordPress, short code and additional attributes here.

Our password protected content is simply your password protected content, and then we close the short code here and right now. Admins and editors are whitelisted as they logged in as an administrator to this website and they can view this content. But if we go ahead and make a private tab and then head over to our website from the private tab, in fact we cannot access that specific content in that category.

If I can get to my page so here you need to enter the password that we have set below to access the content and, as you can see, this inline form is styled to the configuration of the 2020 theme. It will take the styling that the individual theme has and applied to the button and apply it to the box. And that's pretty nice because you don't need to focus on the styling aspect of things, especially if you're not. But it also means you can take. CSS and style it as you need, and you enter the password, and I don't believe my password is correct when you enter the correct password it reloads and it shows you this protected content and then this protected content will show for seven days or however long we Have the cookie set for and then it will expire and you'll have to re-enter the password.


This is a very simple plug-in that has a lot of features. Looking for this specific password protection functionality that comes with this plugin, there are a lot of additional little tweaks that you can do, but the main functions behind this plugin are specific, password protection of individual content types protecting from individual roles protecting from the general public and Making it so only specific people can access it and more. It is a 148$ per year, very fully featured documentation, well-designed back end, well-designed front-end that is easily customizable, and if you have the need for this plug-in, we definitely recommend you check it out. passwordprotectwp.com.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns feel free to leave them in the comments of this article and subscribe, because we publish content like this, where we look into specific WordPress plugins and give you a complete walkthrough of all of it. We publish content like this pretty regularly so subscribe and share this content. I hope this article was helpful for you. Subscribe to our Blog to not miss any latest updates.

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Works well for my needs!

4.0 rating
June 29, 2020

Great review! This plugin works well for my needs - specifically the quick access links to content. Expensive, but well designed and stunning support.

Leslie Pattersion

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4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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