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Designer Powerup For Elementor Review: Speed Up Your Workflow!

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June 25, 2020

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Designer PowerUp is an add-on tool designed for Elementor power users who want to make their workflow more efficient. It gives you access to several well designed elements, settings, and features. As somebody who uses Elementor regularly for client website creation, you could benefit from the visual CSS transformations and effects, random blob generator, multilayer shadows, and multi colored gradients.

Video Walkthrough, Features & Review

In Depth Thoughts On Designer PowerUp

In today’s review we are going to take a look at a plugin called Designer Powerup for Elementor. This Plugin allows you to access some productivity tools for the Elementor Pro page builder. That will help you have a faster workflow.

When you are creating client web sites in Elementor, this is really a great plugin option for you. In this article we're going to look at all the features of this Plugin.

In this plugin review we're going to be taking a look at the following essentials:

  • Pricing of Designer Powerup For Elementor
  • Features of Designer Powerup For Elementor and
  • The front end of Designer Powerup For Elementor.
  • The back end of this Plugin
  • Pros and cons and the value for the money.

Alight, let's get right into it.

Designer Powerup For Elementor Plugin Pricing

  • $ 19 for one website
  • $59 for 10 websites
  • $109 for 100 Websites

Billed per year, the plugin comes with 1 year support and updates. You pay for a year there is a seven-day free trial and you get unlimited powerups, unlimited localhost staging sites, you can use it on client sites, and you get one year of support. We really like the seven-day trial and then the 14-day money-back guarantee - and it's just really a very well-designed experience from purchasing the product, to using the plugin, to requesting feedback and support on the plugin.

Features of Designer Powerup For Elementor Plugin

The Designer Powerup For Elementor Plugin has eleven individual aspects, and this is a bit different from other add-on plugins for Elementor. In other add-ons case, plugins will give you sand blocks that you can use in Elementor. The only block that this adds is a blob generator. You can go find the blob you require. The other ones are workflow tools that are built into the page builder or built into the sections on the left side of the Elementor or page builder. There are a bunch of individual features.

Here's a list of the plugin features as of version 2.1:

  1. quick spacer
  2. layout grid
  3. new shape dividers
  4. Blob Generator
  5. Transform Elements
  6. multiple shadow layers
  7. advanced gradients
  8. Control Column Order
  9. Control Column Order
  10. Nudge Input Values
  11. Apply Transition to States

Element Transformations

Elementor has many effects built in, but this plugin gives you some new ones: transformation, so shift it up down left right, scale, perspective, skew (stuff like that).

Column reordering

Another big feature of this is the column reordering. Whenever you collapse the page, the columns will reorder in the base version of Elementor. You are only able to reverse the order of the columns here. You can order them as you want. If you have a bunch of columns, you can take this tool and order them

Creating multi layer shadows

This is pretty cool because you can layer the shadows, make it look a lot more realistic value nudging.

Additional features

We can very quickly jump in and make font sizes up by 2 or so, rather than dragging a slider advanced gradient. You can put in multiple colours for your gradient and create a bunch of designs. You will love this because we use colours and then CSS styling and our websites build with Elementor, and this will fix that problem.

Filter effects

Filter effects, which are basic, CSS filter effects that you can apply to any page element and then additional transition animations.

These are the main features and, you can see from this, this is really designed for people who create Elementor websites who are developers who are agencies stuff, like that. If you are a basic user of Elementor, this will work for you as well, but this Is really created to be a Productivity, workflow tool for those who create in Elementor 24/7.

With that we've gone through the pricing and the features, I want to go hop into the backend of the plugin and show you a couple feature tools and then go to the element or page builder and then show you tools and features there as well.

Here is the back end of the plugin.

It is simple. We really like the support that comes with this there's an active development team behind here, and you can request, features and share feedback and whenever any development team actively wants your feedback in what they're building you know that it's a good option for you.

That is the basic back end. Adding the license is done through a third-party licensing tool. A lot of plugins use them. The installation process of this plugin is very easy. Quick and simple upload the plugin zip file from your WordPress admin dashboard or through FTP and activate, that’s it, its Done. It is just an upload, add enter the license and you're good to go.


Let us look at the actual elements that this plugin gives you in Elementor, so we have an element or site element, or pro is installed. We are using the 2020 theme and off the bat you can see that the main feature that you see here is drag and drop of, padding and drag and drop of margins. This is quite easy, amazingly simple to do, and then, if we hop into this section, we can see that everything has been changed according them. Drag and drop is one of the main tools and this is very helpful because it works as it saves a lot of time for you.

The time and the process of needing to go into the advanced settings and then changing the margins like that, so you could visually build now, rather than having to rely on numbers and stuff like that. That is the main feature that we see off the bat.

Blob generator

Then, let’s take a look at the blob of maker, because the blob generator is the only element that this plugin adds directly to your list of elements.

You drag and drop the blob generator here and then it will give you the ability to create a blob and you can resize it and you can change the points. Then you can change the randomness of the blob, and this is helpful because there are a lot of websites that are looking to do more. Modern things and incorporating blob design into your website are a trend in the industry, and it has been a trend for a while. So this just makes it very easy to automatically place blobs in there, and then you can use the filters tools that this has to add images to the specific blob to add a gradient stuff like that all right.

The power-ups tool adds a fourth section to the page builder. After advanced you get the powerup section, and here you have all of the additional features that the plugin has to offer you. let us just run through them and look at the settings that you get with each of them.

Multi-coloured gradient

You have a multi-coloured gradient and to do this you just add individual colours. You can change the location of these colours like to do a blue to green to pink gradient. I can do that. It allows me to use a lot of individual colours and I can really just run through and add as many colours as I want and change the placement of those colours and then we can add it to the child element. If we wanted to add it to this element. We can add the selector of that and then do that we can also apply to text. that is an immensely helpful feature if you're trying to add individual, multi-layered gradients.

multi-layer shadow

Next up we have multi-layer shadow. The multi-layer shadow is just something that you can add. You can add multiple instances of a shadow, so this is really basic, but it shows you, you can add multiple box shadows and by layering these correctly you can either have a very cool shadow effect or you can remove the blur entirely and have a modern effect. Something like this, where you have layered colours, so we do this with CSS a lot as an agency and incorporating the multi-layer shadow directly into the Elementor builder. It is just a really helpful thing: if you're trying to add those type of effects.

Transform section

Next up we have the transform section and in transform it's the basic CSS transformations, move it up down sideways stuff like that, and it's just a very simple and easy thing to use, and it basically applies those transform, CSS values using the elemental builder. You don't need to either know the CSS or you don't need to add the CSS elsewhere. Then you also have your effects so basic CSS effects, CSS filters stuff like that, and you can use these filters on any element that you need so again. This section here will apply to every element on element or not just blob generator, and your final is the transition effects, so ease in ease out, ease out, easy and linear ease stuff like that, and then you can apply the transition and you can turn it off.


You can see for $19 per year, with all those features you get a lot of workflow tools that can really help you speed things up. We would definitely recommend this tool if you're an agency or somebody who builds using element or a lot, because you can really save a lot of time. I run an agency and we build with Elementor on maybe 50% of our websites, and we can see incorporating this tool into our workflow because of these well-thought-out sections. These sections basically will allow us to do what we usually do with CSS, and it will allow us to do this directly in the element or page builder visually, and it will just save us a lot of time.

We don't have to go and create the CSS and then edit the CSS and paste the CSS in the right section and make sure it's working on all screens. Instead, we can just go ahead and go ahead and just apply the CSS as need be. It's a very easy, simple and cheap. It is $19 per year, it's a very easy, simple plugin to use that will definitely speed up your workflow.

You can give a try using their 7 days trial to hop in and see how this works on sections in Real. It works on the individual elements it works on columns; it really works on everything. So, whatever you need to apply, and you need to apply any manner of effects, you can easily do that with this Plugin, and it will really truly speed up your Elementor workflow.

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