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AAWP Review: easily integrate live product data from Amazon API with this WordPress plugin

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June 26, 2020

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AAWP is a plugin that connects your WordPress website to the Amazon API -- making it easy to import real time, always updated, product information. With this plugin, it's easy to create niche Amazon affiliate websites!

Video Walkthrough, Features & Review

In Depth Thoughts On AAWP

In this plugin review, we're going to be looking at a AAWP or Amazon Affiliate WordPress.

What Does AAWP Do?

AAWP is a plugin that allows you to easily import products from Amazon to your WordPress website. If you're an Amazon affiliate user and you want an easy quick automated way to import products from Amazon to your WordPress website, this is for you. If you write reviews, make lists, or are involved in Amazon affiliates in any way then this is the plugin for you. It’s a conduit between the worlds largest eCommerce platform.

List Templates available with AAWP Plugin:

  • Product Comparison Tables
  • Multiple or Single Product Boxes
  • Lists of Top Sellers
  • New Releases Lists
  • Custom Data Fields

And Many More…

We’ll be taking a look at the front end, the back-end, and finally the pricing.

Here is the AAWP website home page:

AAWP allows you to connect to Amazon's API and automatically generate affiliate links import products import images show that prices, discounts and more. You can easily configure it using shortcodes, plugin settings and even using PHP templates.

Features of AAWP Plugin:

  • Compatible with all themes
  • Product Catching
  • Multiple Stylish Designs
  • Comparison Tables
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Readymade Templates
  • Click Tracking
  • Structured admin area
  • Huge Number of Amazon Partner Networks
  • Developer Friendly

The core features of the plug-in are text links so you can write an affiliate review article on the product that you're trying to get people to buy and then you can include automatically text links that will show the most up-to-date version of the Amazon product. You can also show product boxes.

Let’s say you're recommending something like a digital camera and you want to show a product box that contains the Amazon description and stuff like that that's what you would do you can also make lists new releases include additional data fields that you want to include yourself and create widgets.

AAWP Plugin Pricing

Before we get into the backend of it let's take a quick look at the pricing of the plugin. This is a European-developed plugin so it's charging in euros.

AAWP Comes With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • €39 Personal Plan for 1 website
  • €99 Plus Plan for 3 websites
  • €199 Pro Plan for 10 websites
  • €299 Ultimate Plan for 25 Websites

The plus plan is most popular because many affiliate marketers have multiple websites devoted to different product types.

To use this plugin, you'll need an Amazon API as shown in the below picture:

Connecting to that API allows WordPress to automatically (through this plugin) pull data from Amazon and display it on the website.

Once you've added your API you can go ahead and configure individual things. Under output you can change the different settings from the design to the actual text -- you can limit the length of the text on the title, you can change the thumbnail styling descriptions, pricing, stuff like that. Have a look at the below picture:

You can also change the “buy now” button. There are a lot of pre-installed styles as well as the ability to easily customize things using custom CSS and PHP.

You can choose to use an “add to cart” button. The Amazon Affiliate program will give you a 90-day cookie for the user to buy items added to the cart, which could lead to more profitability in some cases, so it gives you that option here.

The below screenshot shows the backend of the AAWP Plugin functions section:

There are a lot of features here, but you can also build your own PHP templates and you can also style accordingly so you can include products via short codes, and you can also build individual tables.

Imagine if you're doing a list of the top 10 digital cameras what you can do here is create a best products list and then embed it with the Amazon short code.

To do this you can create individual rows to say this would be your title and then you can add the product data from here and then you can also add custom data as well as a custom button, custom text custom HTML.

Then you can add the actual products by just searching for the products within the plugin, adding an ASIN, and clicking import.

Comparison Table

If you're looking for a solution that allows you to connect to an Amazon API grab product data from that API and then funnel your visitors to Amazon affiliates a lot of people do Amazon affiliate websites make a lot of money off of it if you're looking for a way to easily display the most up-to-date prices up-to-date titles for those products and you sell a lot or you push a lot of clicks to Amazon affiliates.


This is a great plugin -- very simple to use, simple to understand and it has that expendability aspect. If you are a developer you can edit it via PHP, you can edit the CSS. Creating a best product list is very easy and simple to do and then you can also just use an Amazon short code where you do Amazon and then you enter the ID of the product and we'll do easily grab that product from Amazon and display it on your website so if you need a very simple solution this is for you.

If you have any questions comments or concerns regarding our review of Amazon affiliate feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will answer them to the best. If you want to request a plugin review this was a requested review by one of our readers if you want to request a review you can do it in the comments section below this article. If you have any questions leave them below feel free to like and subscribe to our blog to not miss any latest updates.

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